Viewed from the quaint and narrow street fronting the complex, it seems just like any other village house. Inside is a different story. each holiday suite contains a large double bedroom – complete with 4 poster beds and luxurious en-suite facilities, a well appointed sitting room (satellite TV etc), with far reaching views over the surrounding verandah’s and of course the very latest in fully equipped kitchens – extra sleeping facilities are available in the sitting rooms.

These lovely apartments are available to rent on either short or long term lets. Talk to Stavros, he will arrange reasonable and appropriate terms according to your needs.

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* High Season Prices are valid also for Christmas & Easter period.

Omodos is the centre of the wine growing industry in the mountains, and it would be reasonable to say that the wine produced by Stavros from the family vineyards, is probably the best in the village ᮤ this is a village of more than 50 wine producers! The wine he produces is natural preservatives ᮤ a wonderful bouquet. It is only produced for the house and is therefore in great demand ᠴrue agro-tourism product.

The family Ძet gardens栰roducing all manner of vegetables ᬳo play a big role in the agro-tourism concept. Of course most of the produce isdestined for the family restaurant and this is evident in the quality and flavour of the food produced. Finally, the orchards produce the superb Cypriot fruits, apples, cherries, peaches etc etc. So, Stavros manages the vineyards, organises the market gardens, looks after the orchards and, now the new family complex is completed, oversees the lettings of the three luxurious tourist suites. Apart from that, all he does is devote himself to running the restaurant on a twelve hour a day basis!
Of course his family are all involved and his mother (Eftichea) in particular, keeps a close eye on all activities 峰ecially the kitchen.

But thatயt all! Stavros is the restaurant 䨥 restaurant is Stavros. Talk to any of his team 鯵 can feel the pleasure and satisfaction they gain from working there for him ᳫ them who is the chef 䨥y all answer 咡 There is not another restaurant like it anywhere in Omodos 鮤eed anywhere in Cyprus. It is a offӵperb food, superb wine, superb setting and really personal 䡶ros㥲vice.

All day long, light meals and snacks are available. During the evening, the menu is a selection of all thatࢥst in Cyprus. Only fresh produce used. No micro-waved or re-heated food served here! A 16 dish original clothing meze, mouth watering Cyprus classics, and all cooked using their own home made olive oil home made sauces and family produced vegetables.

Here at "Stou Kir Yianni" our guests can enjoy live music every evening. Spend a romantic evening with piano, violin, guitar and bouzouki during weekends.

Our pianist is available every evening, to play what you wish to listen and also you can relax and enjoy our great greek and international music program.

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